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Medical Malpractice Attorney Council Bluffs

Randy Shanks representing those wronged for over 30 years.

-Improper Treatment: If a doctor has treated a patient in a way that no other doctor would under identical circumstances, the patient may have a malpractice case. This also includes that proper treatment might have been recommended; however, it was administered incorrectly.

Failure to Diagnose: If a doctor who is competent would have made a better and reasonable diagnosis that would have led to a better outcome than otherwise experienced due to a medical practitioner’s misdiagnosis or late diagnosis, the patient may sue.

Failure to Warn of Known Risks: Practitioners have a duty to warn their patients of any risks for procedures and/or prescriptions. If the doctor is not providing patients with information that might have convinced them to decide against a procedure, the doctor may be liable for medical malpractice in the event that the patient suffers and injury by the procedure or prescription.

Many medical malpractice lawyers can handle a multitude of cases falling under these categories. Cases which involve the hospital ward, a clinic or in the surgery room, grievous bodily harm, irreparable injury or death.